Mindfulness & Spirituality - You don’t have to find meaning from a story, you get too.

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You don’t have to find meaning from a story, you get too.


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You don't have to find meaning from a story, you get too.

Simultaneously, life does and doesn’t make sense. We don’t have to know what that sense is. She who believes in chaos is as vital and correct as she who believes in destiny.

Entering and embracing this work is moving beyond the contradictions, moving beyond the right and wrongs; complete happiness in spite of complete suffering.

We are always changing, with that our deductions and needs change; personal storytelling is the process of living inside that change. It’s like watering your garden, knowing on an intimate level what your garden needs to flourish or wither, your call.

It’s not a question of perception, it’s about knowing yourself, which is about being yourself. As we tell our stories and Gabe perspective, become masters of perspective, we advance, we know ourselves fully.

After you tell all the stories inside and out, you, truly you are all that is left.

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