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You Can’t Heal What You Won’t Reveal


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You Can't Heal What You Won't Reveal

What are you ready to reveal?

Or, what needs revealing? What needs letting go? What story no longer serves you?

What stories are we constantly telling? What’s our goal with our life point of you? What’s our intention with hanging onto this stuff deep down inside? Let it go, let it out. Tell your story. 

Like the story of paying bills – is it a shitty or great thing? Is it wonderful that they trusted you and lent you something that you might’ve needed. Personally, without my student loans I wouldn’t be the man I am today,  I wouldn’t have witnessed, touched, experienced, and tasted the things I’ve tasted! I have a great great life, yes, on someone else’s dime. To them I am thankful even as the criminally fight to get it back with obscene rates. But I play the game, gratefully.

And, I will pay it back generously.

You Can’t Heal What You Won’t Reveal.

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