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I could pray for hours. Seriously, for days, just giving myself over. I could meditate forever, sometimes it feels so good I wonder why I do anything else… And then I play basketball. And then I dance; and again I wonder why I do anything else. And I write and I share and I get on a stage and I get an applause and I’m captivated by a smile and I think this, I could do this forever.

Forever. Because tiredness is of the mind, like put a boy on a bench who’s tired and his dream man or woman comes over and sparks him, all of sudden… He’s not so tired.


Is not a long time, it’s not long enough when I’m doing what I love, and what I love is you, wholly and fully. I love you. You sexy smart easy and free thing. I love you.

And you and you and you, I love you, like first time love, not first time kiss, although that’s good too, not first time sex, but first – before the kiss, the air thick, time freezing, vibrating, glorious, alive, over and over type love, we all know over and over and over and over again love, each time more alive then the last, can it be real type love.

Looking at that person like, I’ve never seen you; because I haven’t, not this, like this, and then this, now this and I can’t keep up, it’s the most beautiful thing ever; who needs food, when this little cloud spun with sugar right here is the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth?

O, You are the most beautiful thing ever. You are god. You are a present. You are forever. You are bliss. You make it all worth it… You are love…. Love itself. Not the thing I thought was you, but it. You are love. You are love. And I just want you inside me. At all times. Fill me. Overflowing your name. LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE

Peace and Blessings 

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