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You Are Already It


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chill homie, you need to let that shit go

It’s the hard days

where you beat yourself up,

“I don’t wanna be the buddha.” you say, but you are already it.

We need to stop thinking we know who we are, who we are, who we actually are is way more interesting in than who we think we are; and yet we keep returning to who we think we are.

We already are, we just don’t wanna accept it.

It’s so hard to be anything we want in this life, especially if we love it, if it feels good, if it’s our souls desire-

The truth is, that whatever it is, it takes work, dedication, a ton of energy and focus.

Hard work.

We need to accept that it’s not about becoming anything

we are the thing itself

the athlete

the performer

the musician

the teacher

the star

the great speaker

the artist

the poet

the guru

the scientist…

The work is in our accepting and letting go of the wanting, the fear, the trying, the worry, the doubt, the not enough-ness, the stories. If we want it, we have it, it’s all ready there, just keep doing the work… Scripture says, “I will do the work, if you do the preparations”. The work is done, just keep going.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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