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Write a letter and Make them write one back!


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“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”  ~Phyllis Theroux
There is something alluring, electric about receiving a letter.
It’s a lost art. An almost completely dead way of communicating.
So when you receive one, you can feel that immediate energy, the love and care that was put into it. It took more time than an email, it wasn’t instant. It’s a reminder, most likely by the time you receive a reply your current state has probably changed for the better- what you feared then, got better, the letter arrives, it says, “Have no fear everything will be okay”, you smile, everything is more than okay, why fear in the first place?
You tell them of a dream you had, how you never want to forget it. In the madness that is life, you do. A return letter a week later saying, “That is a magnificent and special dream, you definitely want to hang onto that” – how great a reminder.
Find someone you can do this with. I have a pen pal, we engage more through letter than we do in person or email, it keeps us grounded, puts things in perspective.
Not all letters need to be to another. You can write it yourself, to a future you, to the 10 year old you – what did you learn? What did you get horribly wrong? You can write your obituary – What did you accomplish? What will it say? You can write ‘Love Letters” to people or things, here and long gone. You can appreciate or vent.
So take the time. Put in the love. Seal it with a kiss, or just positive energy. Go to the post office and let it go, it will return just when you need it most, always does.


Christopher Rivas

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