Mindfulness & Spirituality - Why There Is No Power Greater Than Faith

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Why There Is No Power Greater Than Faith


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Why There is no power greater than faith

If there is any such phenomena as ‘miracles’ there produced only by which, and within the state of FAITH.

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into spiritual equivalent, and transmits it into the infinite intelligence.

We must believe, we will receive that which we ask for.

Repeat that enough, until your subconscious believes it, until there isn’t another option.

You will receive that which you ask for.

it is a well-known fact that one comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to oneself

Faith is the eternal elixir which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought!

The foregoing sentence is worth reading a second time, and the third, and fourth. It is worth reading aloud!

FAITH is the starting point of all accumulation of riches. FAITH the basis of all miracles, and all ministries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science. FAITH is the only known antidote for failure. FAITH the element, the chemical which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with infinite intelligence.

FAITH is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought, created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent.

FAITH is the only agency through which the cosmic force of infinite intelligence can be harnessed in use by man

Everyone of the foregoing statements is capable of proof!

Commit these truths to memory, and repeat them, in audible words, day after day, until these vibrations of sound have penetrated your subconscious.

We are what we are, because of vibrations of thought which we pick up and register, through the stimuli of our daily environment.

“I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves and physical reality, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.”

Peace and Blessings

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  1. Martha

    How else can we live but by faith, it is ALL.
    Thank you lifestyledezine


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