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Why No Animal By-Product?


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Why No Animal By-Product?

Why No Animal By-Product?

There is this theory that says,  my heart is connected to all the things in this world.

It drove Einstein crazy: that two atoms, that stand-alone, with no direct relation, will feel each other. If separated, should one stop spinning, the other stops spinning, one changes direction, the other changes direction.

Within food, that is of animal byproduct, is a deep sense of emotion, energy, life, history of where they come from and what they experienced.

& that life, or lack there of, is in me.

If you believe in energy, which I greatly do; I know all things are energy, start there and will end only to begin there again, a never ending source/ocean of energy… That tortured, mistreated, misused energy has the potential to slow me down or hold me back. I cant be slowed down, I’m here to thrive. I need to thrive.

Because of this new awareness to where my food comes from, I now have more of a need for gratitude, and general thanks giving. I didn’t hunt this food, I didn’t pick it or plant it, just receiving the blessing.

The blessing that is food, everywhere, all the time, with no worry about where it will come from or if it will be there. That is a blessing.

Another possible and more tangible reason: ls to cut the bad fats (this one doesn’t worry me so much, but for some its important), the thick stuff that can slow down blood, and I know I want my blood running fast, hard, rapid, and free.

Thats why every day I step further away form animal by products. What about you?


What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. 


Peace and Blessings 

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