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Whose Dream am I Dreaming?


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Asleep, dreaming you’re awake…

What dream am I dreaming?

Experience vs Reality – Two very different things!

We all know that we each experience reality differently. We have all see a hypnotist or magician make someone think they are someone else, make them chase invisible rabbits, etc… Is that reality?? These thoughts played in the mind.

What are you experiencing? Lack, separation, fear, judgement, labels, doubt, worry

What IS your Reality? Abundance, courage, power, wisdom, strength, creativity, acceptance, forgiveness, trust, peace

– it’s all there. That’s REAL LIFE.

What a relief!

No more needing to get over, you are over. You have arrived. You are great. You are Light.

This is the moment, your moment, Now you can wake up freely into fulfillment.

What is your reality?

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