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Who Is The Enlightened One?


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Who Is The Enlightened One?

One day an enlightened master was driving down the street. He had just left his ashram and was feeling really high, full of love as the chants of his followers played in his mind. Being a yogi, and not the best driver, he lost track of the physical moment and his foot weighed on the gas pedal. He began to speed toward an intersection where a little girl was crossing on her way home from school.
That same day, a convicted murderer had escaped from prison and was fleeing, on foot, through the same town. He had committed heinous acts and for that had been branded a criminal and jailed for life. So this day, with nothing to lose, he fled the prison yard.
As fate always seems to have it in stories like this, the speeding car driven by the enlightened master, the innocent little girl, and the escaped convict all reached the intersection at the same time. The convict, in an act of selfless service, scooped up the little girl just before she was surely to be killed by the reckless master.
And in that moment, if that little girl was your daughter, who was enlightened?

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