Where have you been?


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Where have you been?

Here. There. Around. Right here. 

The thing about meeting someone who turns you on, who gives you life, who has a smile that feels like the formula for joy; is that they were always there. It seems like you needed them and like you were looking for them and you think that maybe they could have been there sooner. But they were here while you were there, and they were there while you were here. You were both here. They weren’t never not here. You and they were always moving towards each other. That’s not poetry, that’s physics. But as of a week ago, two days ago, a couple hours ago, a few minutes ago, until you saw that person, you didn’t know they existed, you didn’t know (you might have prayed, you might have hoped) you were moving towards them. They existed. They exist. That’s amazing. They are so very here & present and you wanna ask, and you often do, “Where have you been?”

Here. My love. Here. Always here. 


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