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When We Lose Our Spirit, We Die


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When We Lose Our Spirit, We Die

When we lose our spirit, we die. We expire from lack of that which inspires. Spirit is life. Spirit is the energy of life itself. Spirit is aliveness.

Spirit is the outlet you choose to plug into. You can choose low-energy low frequency or low vibration, or you can choose high. (Now what you can handle is another subject.)

When someone has lost their spirit, they become devoid of humanity, love and self-respect. They may even become selfish and violent. When a nation sees that a person has left the spirit of that nation they become an international criminal.

Ha, banishment! Be merciful, say “death,”
For exile hath more terror in his look,
Much more than death. Do not say “banishment.” – Romeo and Juliet

Banished, banished, in Shakespeare’s time was sometimes worse than death. To be removed from the spirit and frequency of something you thought you were aligned with – death.

Spirit cannot be seen. Like we can’t see your electricity, x-rays, or radio waves, but we know of their power I virtue of their effects. We know that there are men who are willing to die for what they value as a part of their spirit.

Spirit is who we are. Spirit is what we give meaning to. Spirit is what we choose to align ourselves with. Empowerment comes for meaning, meaning is spirit.

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