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What Unexpected GOOD Will Happen Today?


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How many times have you asked that??

Are you ready for all the good that will come your way?

Expected and unexpected greatness.

Or have you feared the worst?

Instead of fearing all the things you wish wouldn’t happen but most likely expect will happen, ask yourself – With the mindset that there is more than enough, nothing but enough GOOD to go around: What good!? All Good!

What unexpected good will happen today?

What great things will surprise me today?

What does the universe have in store for me today?

What beautiful lessons will I learn today?

Who will I meet? What will I see? Where will the universe show me? Where will it lead me, guide me?

Living out of love, not out of fear, the things fear will come true, the things you love and are grateful for will also come true – it’s our CHOICE what we spend I time thinking into fruition!

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