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What is Your “WHY”?


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“What are you doing this to yourself for?”

4 other “WHY’s” to help you find your path:

1.  What Is Your Title?

If you are going to use words to describe yourself, you should have both an understanding of their definitions and a pride in their significance.  And then you should strive with all your power to constantly live up to them.

2.  What Is Your Gift?

Second, I believe if you have gifts, it is your responsibility to use them.  And whether you think it or not, you have gifts.  You have a body and a brain that no company or amount of money can reproduce and a limitless ability to learn, adapt and achieve when combined with the appropriate application of desire, focus and time.

3. What Is Your “Why?” 

– I think we are all designed for effort toward a goal and we all hunger for achievement.  There is nothing more invigorating than having something in the future for which we need to prepare.  People are most powerful when they clearly know their “WHY.”  There is magic and boundless energy available to the person that has a big “why” for which they strive. When you have a big enough “why,” you will figure out “how.”  The how to do something becomes apparent to the person that has the biggest reason “why” they must do it.  Do you have a clearly defined “why” that you could quickly summarize?  If there is something for which you will gladly get up early, stay up late or sacrifice whatever it takes or costs to make it happen, the chances are that you do.  If you don’t think you have a strong “why” in your life right now, I suggest that you ask yourself what you really want from life and find one.  To live without some big “why’s” sounds more like getting through life than getting from it.

4.  What Are You Waiting For?

– To have a gift and not use it is to waste it.  If you know there is a “why” that you constantly think of and is worth going after, you must pursue it.  No matter the hard work or the risk, it is your responsibility to yourself and your ancestors to take your swing at the plate with your best effort.  Life is too short for you to waste years with your greatness kept inside of you.  So many times in life we give ourselves the “no” that stops us from chasing our goals and dreams.  If someone is going to give you a “no” let it be someone else.

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