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What is the Heart of an Artist?


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What is the Heart of an Artist?

What is the Heart of an Artist?

Lifestyledezine is asking this very question with the Positivity Scrolls. 

The “Positivity Scrolls” ask this very question. Looking inside the heart of Pairoj Pichetmetakul, a Thai monk turned street artist as he paints large scale portraits of the homeless and displaced. Much of this dialogue is recorded as written text alongside each portrait, which are kept as a continuous large scroll of heavy-grade paper, creating a long form illustrated journal. We seek to know art better, and know our hearts better; is it resolving anything for him or for the world around him? We seek compassion, we seek to highlight the unnoticed and overlooked with an intention to inspire others, raise esteem, change expectations & preconceptions, and reveal histories.

My artwork cannot change the world, but I hope to help uncover positivity within individuals on a small scale, by example, through the mechanisms of art and unwavering positive engagement. — Pairoj Pichetmetakul

THIS PROJECT WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE INCREDIBLE SUPPORT OF OUR COMMUNITY AND SPONSORS.  Please click here to donate.  All donations are tax deductible (see Section 181-tax code).

To contact us or support us in other ways please fill out the comment section below.  Thank you!


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