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What Is Social Entrepreneurship


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What Is Social Entrepreneurship 

I’m not one for many titles but Social Entrepreneur is one title that I feel ok taking on right now. It can also be referred to as conscious entrepreneurship. For me this is a statement that one or a collective of people are committed to the social good and consciousness evolution before entrepreneurship or business.

Also knowing that consciousness has to be infused into every aspect of the process as well. We can not sacrifice the health and well being of our employees and our community to believe that some day we will achieve a greater health and well being for the world. We must really know that the qualities that we are intending to develop in the world must be exemplified in the microcosm of any business.

Social entrepreneurship is to see business as a means of expressing much deeper qualities. Transcendental qualities. Love, peace, joy, harmony, wisdom. Business is the vehicle or the tool.

I know we can do it. Many are. I feel in order for us to get to this place in our life we have to be committed to our souls evolution first. We must be inspired by service first. Everything else becomes a means to an ends.

I see business this way. It’s a tool, similar to a language. No language is good or bad. No words are good or bad. No business is good or bad. What colors these expressions are the intentions behind them.

Sometimes I feel people who are on a spiritual journey push these things a way. Business, money, fame, structure. This is not to say that you can not be in a place where these elements are no longer relevant for you. But we can not truly be of service either if we resist these things. As one who is becoming more conscious, meaning that we are becoming aware of ourselves to a greater degree and how our actions effect the whole of life moment to moment, we must really be open to whatever our path is meant to be from a grander perspective.

We can see that many successful people are doing wonderful work in the world spiritually through their business. They are a positive presence to the people they are surrounded by and the world at large. To be in the world of Entrepreneurship but to be of the world of consciousness, or love. To me this really defines success and this is the intention of being a social entrepreneur.

Much Love


Peace and Blessings 

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