What Is Our Reality?


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What Is Our Reality?

What Is Our Reality?

It is time we examine the crevices in our personality…. Beyond where we come from, what we think we are, our day job costume, not the purpose of our sojourn in this world, where and when we go from here.

The day you were born, mother’s milk is programed for your sustenance. The oxygen supply perfect. The temperature and pressure within maintained meticulously to this day. The atmospheric temperature and pressure outside maintained punctiliously for your survival. Your respiratory organs, nervous system and countless other functions run perfectly day and night, from birth to death. The unseen functions are not confined to simple maintenance of beings; they extend further as a constant vigilance over any intrusion by predators. The moment a foreign matter enters your body or you bruise yourself, there is an instant release of forces within to heal the damage done to the body.

It is time that we realize the boundless benefaction lavished on us. On all beings.

In this and every moment. The absolute perfection that must be attained inside and out, here and there; perfect balance.

What is my reality??? That I am Grateful for what is received and enjoyed. Grateful for the splash of Divinity manifested in every being, everywhere and at every time.

This is my reality. This is our reality. This is your reality.


Peace and Blessings

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