Mindfulness & Spirituality - What is Integral Meditation?

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What is Integral Meditation?


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What is Integral Meditation?

We all know that meditation is a spiritual technology used to discover the truth of one’s own nature. So what is Integral meditation?

Integral meditation is the application of Integral theory to meditation practice itself.

      1. Meditation is an important pillar of spiritual practice.
      2. Meditation alone is necessary but not sufficient.
      3. To fully awaken, one needs to supplement their meditation practice with other types of practices or supplement one’s main practice with meditation.

So, how do we supplement our meditation practice?

Awakening is a spontaneous and developmental process which unfolds naturally with effort and surrender when the causes and conditions come together in a supportive environment.

Non-conceptual meditation – just listening. No plan, no expectation. Just listening. To our thoughts being purified and the truth of life revealing itself as soon as we begin to step out of the way.

“I will sit back and let god show me what is next. No more forcing. Allowing.”

A commitment to stilling ourselves and slowing down to our particular aloneness.

The wisdom of simplifying has been honored across centuries.

Because we can choose what we let into ourselves.

Meditation is the antidote.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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