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What If We Touched Us As Much As Our Phones


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What If We Touched Us As Much As Our Phones? The average American looks at their phone 150 a times day.

150 times.

!50 moments, consciousness or unconsciousness where there focus and attention goes to a little box filled with notifications trying to tell us who we are and what we’re about. What if we checked in on us as much as our phones?

What if we took those 150 moments of focus and attention and we put it on ourselves. We checked in on us. What are our notifications? What is my body saying right now? What does my gut think? What does my heart want? Should I be here right now or should I be getting a massage?

The I-phone 6 camera is really shitty compared to your eyes. The video is far worse than your actual experience.

If you think the notification center in the I-phone is impressive, the one in your godly consciousness is far superior. You think your google maps is cool, it ain’t got shit on the map of your heart. No app is better that you, no device is better than your soul.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll take that amount we spend monthly on our phone bill and spend it on us. We’ll check in on us. We’ll hold us in our hands as much as our phones. We’ll keep us safe and in cases. We’ll massage others tired backs with our fingers itching to text.


Peace and Blessings


Christopher Rivas

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