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What Do I Do?


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What Do I Do?

What Do I Do?

Like my job? Career? When? Now?

A …

Thanks for asking… I –  a …. I haven’t really thought about it before… Do you really wanna know?



I do This.

Yeah, I do This.

Just This.

I am This.

Here. Now. With you. This.

Nothing else, This

Nothing but This

This is what I do. Happily.

I Listen to you. Hear you. Learn from you. Hold you. Thank you. Surrender to you. Bow to you. Worship you. See you. Accept you. Love you. Be with you. Watch you. See you. Know you. Love you. Patiently being with you.

This is what I do. It’s really not a bad gig. Not a bad gig at all. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love it. This, thing that I do. I do. It’s a lot sometimes, it’s hard, but it’s worth it. I get simple perfect honest moments lie this.

Thank you. Thanks for asking.

What do you do? Tell me. I Invite You To Turn On My Light.


With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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