What Breaks Our Backs?


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What Breaks Our Backs?

What Breaks Our Backs?

Yearning for freedom.

Not acknowledging that we’ve always had it and have been blaming everyone else for why we don’t have it.

Freedom. Knowing that I am responsible for my choices, my actions, my situation.

Responsible, to be the author of – each of us being the author of his or her own life design.

We are free to be anything but unfree, we are condemned to freedom. Born into it. Space and time are free.  Beneath us there is nothing. Beneath us is space and time. Beneath us, all around us, above us is space and time, freedom is where we come rom and where we stand. And everything else responsible for our unfree structure, for everything unfree is of the mind. We are frightened by this nothingness, it doesn’t hold us, it lets us go. We are afraid to be free, we were born into a world of structure.

The first step to taking my life back is to say “I am free.”

I have to own it.

Hi, my name is Christopher Rivas and I am free.”

“Hi, Chris!”

“I have been free for 28years and an eternity before that,”

With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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