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What are you searching for?


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What are you searching for?

Are we all constantly searching?

If so, for what?

For what am I searching?

Personally, for peace.

For knowing. To rest In Peace and rise in peace and exist in peace. Where I am not so up and down according to this job or that gig. Where everything isn’t so big and it all doesn’t have to be so special. Where I don’t look at my phone 160 times a day. Letting go. Allowing. Peace.

Peace, knowing that I created and lived to my potential.

What are you searching for?


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One Response to “What are you searching for?”

  1. Dara

    “To rest In Peace and rise in peace and exist in peace.” ⬆️⬆️⬆️ you are such a wordsmith!!!

    I’m looking for the same. Enjoying each moment has now became a game. Following my impulses and annoying the treasure hunt that reveals a clue for the next step. Learning how to do this and to trust in Source and the ancestors. Meditating helps. I go up and down, but for the first time in my life, I’m more up than down. Being in an environment where there are distractions that are fun helps a lot. Not fearing taking the next fun step… feeling worthy of enjoying life. Not grinding anymore. Working hard because I can’t help it—it feels good, but not grinding.

    Your words and posts being so much joy! Please know this always. ❤️


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