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We Have To Be Better Pigeons


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  1. We Have To Be Better Pigeons
  2. Why pigeons?
  • Pigeons are everywhere.
  • They are vegetarians, (unless they are in NY) which is sustainable.
  • What is commonly referred to as a pigeon is actually a “Rock Dove”- which is cool.
  • The pigeon has contributed to both World War I and II, notably by the Australian, French, German, American, and UK forces.
  • Thirty-two pigeons have been decorated with the Dickin Medal for war contributions, including Commando, G.I. Joe, Paddy, and William of Orange.
  • A grand ceremony was held in Buckingham Palace to commemorate a platoon of pigeons that braved the battlefields of Normandy to deliver vital plans to Allied forces on the fringes of Germany. Three of the actual birds that received the medals are on show in the London Military Museum so that well-wishers can pay their respects.
  • In the Hebrew bible a rock dove or young pigeon is an acceptable offering.
  • Jesus parents sacrificed fives after his circumcision.
  • And Pigeons can carry important important news over great distances and return blindfolded, always knowing where they came from.

A pigeon is a phenomenal example of what we need to be now – carriers. Carriers of good, of love, of compassion. Join me in being a better pigeon. Help carry the good.

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