We have ALL given Life


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We have ALL given Life.

Everything is moving that has life

And nothing is ever still with life.

Nothing is ever still, for stillness is simply the fullness of life.

And we have all given life.

We have all made the inanimate move.

We have all made things move.

We have ALL given life.

Nothing isn’t ready to be moved.

Nothing isn’t ready to be.

Nothing isn’t ready.

It’s all ready. Waiting. Fill me.

Nothing isn’t ready to have life.

Meditation is allowing yourself to be filled. True meditation is urges fulfilled, hungers for fulfilled, thirst quenched.

Be filled.

The universe balances the activity of the day with the stillness of the night.

This is why most things at 4 AM feel so free, because they’re all yours.

We do this with our breath, we focus our breath, there’s always a pause, in the pauses are perfect peace, stillness, within the activity of life, we are still.

Stillness is the fullness of life. 

Fill me gods so that I may be still.

We are always seeking stillness. We move to be filled. Short breaks in between. Never finding enough… You still in the large yourself to be filled, truly filled.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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