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We Build Walls Instead Of Bridges


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We Build Walls Instead Of Bridges

We Build Walls Instead Of Bridges

Relational Divisions: When our relationships are weak, we look for ways to work around each other. When we fail to lean on one another for help in solving our problems, we miss the relational benefits of actually doing things together – things that serve, serve us, our energy, our love, our self worth, our compassion and commitment to love.

This, of course, perpetuates more division. We build walls instead of bridges.

The unthought of people, those out of consciousness but connected to us, humanity, fellow brothers and sisters, guru’s off all kinds pay the price in the end. Let us be united as a family and do all we can to help those around us. Together, we can claim a sense of community based on real-life experiences that have been earned on the front lines of this wonderful thing called Life.

Let us Grow Together:  Some of us plant and some of us water, but God is in charge of the growing. We can trust Life to do it’s part if we do ours. Through this faith, this knowing, this universal truth, we can draw from a bottomless well of unity and be a model for our communities to follow.

I plant the seed. You water it. Life makes it grow.  You plant the seed. I water it. Life makes it grow.
That’s it.

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that Life and all it’s things, inhabitants, brothers and sisters, fellow GODS make the seeds grow.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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