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We Are Prophets In Our Own Lives


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We Are Prophets In Our Own Lives…

I Am A Prophet In My Own Life.

I Am A Prophet.


So are you.


It’s in your voice. It’s in your walk. It’s in you.

Ready to come out.


It’s your voice- make it prophetic not pathetic.

Afraid to be in silence, we speak to fill space.

What are we saying?

What are we putting into this world?

What are we projecting and portraying?


Return to yourself:

In our hearts lies joy, love, beauty.

These things can not be earned or gained but unveiled.

Stop looking outside for help and start looking inwards, start listening with the inner ear.


You can help you.


The path and all the how to’s are overrated

If you say you would like to

You will.

There is a way-

You are going-

You will go-

And there will be a way.


This is the community that breaks out all over, this is the contagion:

Lovers of life

Lovers of god.

Believers in the good things, the great things, abundance, love, compassion, hope, peace.


Commit at all times:

A moment by moment commitment

That all things are possible with god.


I will walk into more light

A wiser self

A Greatness – now – 

Where ALL things are possible NOW.


Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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