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Ways to Live in Balance With Nature


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Ways to Live in Balance With Nature

Ways to Live in Balance With Nature by Kate Wilson

In a fast paced world that’s so focused on deadlines, money, gadgets and apps it can  be easy to lose sight of the beauty that lies just outside our windows. While it may not feel like we have time for nature, connecting with the earth and finding balance within it is absolutely vital. With physical and mental health benefits including a more positive outlook, less stress, reduced signs of aging and reduced inflammation, connecting with nature should be something to strive for everyday. If you want to connect with the earth but aren’t sure how, here are some ways to help you find your balance.

Walk Barefoot

While this may not be advisable during the fall and winter, walking barefoot outside is an amazing way to connect with the earth and find your balance. Not only does walking on fresh, lush grass or warm, silky sand feel incredible, it also can help you to connect with nature from the ground up. Walking barefoot also helps you to harvest some of the earth’s good electricity vibes, which some believe can help keep you healthy.

Eat More Natural Foods

One of the best ways to feel in tune with nature and to truly glean as much goodness from the earth as you can is by eating natural, organic foods. Making it a point to be nourished and sustained by the earth has a wide range of amazing health benefits that includes weight loss, better sleep, reduced signs of aging, reduced inflammation and even prevention of certain cancers. As an added bonus, you will feel more connected to the earth and find that your body feels and functions better than when eating processed foods. To find the most fresh fruits and vegetables shop at a local co-op or farmers market.

Do Yoga

This mind and body exercise is an amazing way to bring balance back into your life and to connect with nature. Practicing yoga helps achieve balance between the mind, body and spirit, and helps yogis to become more attuned to the way that their body feels. Yoga can also help those who practice to be more connected to nature, as many of the poses are derived from nature and animals, and many breathing exercises – especially savasana – encourage attuning and connecting your body, and breath to the earth.

Exercise Outside

One of the biggest factors in developing a better balance with the earth is by spending as much time outside in nature as possible. A great way to incorporate spending time outside into your daily routine is by taking your exercise out of the gym and into nature. Taking your exercise outside and being challenged by nature – whether its cold weather or steep hills – and also taking in the rewarding and incredible scenery or feeling the warmth of the sun can help you truly connect with the earth.

Go Camping

Truly connecting with nature and finding your balance is often best achieved by completely immersing yourself in nature. One of the best ways to do just that is to escape your every day life and go camping. By completely checking out of your daily life filled with screens, gadgets and apps, and entering into a completely natural environment will restore you and give you the opportunity to connect with nature. Falling asleep to a star-lit sky and waking up to the sweet chirping of birds will also help you to live within the natural rhythms of the earth.

Take a Swim

Connecting with nature and living in balance with it can sometimes be as easy as going for a swim. Taking a dip in a lake or ocean on a warm sunny day can make you feel refreshed, restored and rejuvenated by nature. Immersing yourself into water – other than in your bathtub – can also have great healing benefits. Bodies of salt water provide relief from arthritis and skin irritations, while hot springs provide bathers with soothing warmth.

Get Into Gardening

If you’re looking for a new hobby to fulfill and reward you, start a garden. Getting in tune with how plants grow and thrive through gardening can help you have a deeper understanding of the earth, helping you to connect with nature. Also, whether you choose to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables, the outcome will bring health and happiness into your life, whether it’s the look and scent of fresh flowers or the health benefits of vegetables.

Take Photos

A great way to discover and appreciate nature’s beauty is treating it as art, and making it your muse for photography. While it is true that many natural phenomenon can’t be done justice through photographs, if you are in the right place at the right time you can capture a lot of nature’s beauty on film. Getting into outdoor photography will help you further discover nature through an attention to detail and help you connect with the earth and all of its hidden beauty. If your life has been feeling a little bit off lately, like something is just a bit out of place, you may need to restore your balance with nature. By making it a point to nourish your body and mind with nature as much as you can, you will begin to connect more with the earth and live in harmony with it. So, whether you choose to grow your own garden, take a hike or simply nestle your feet in the sand, restoring your balance with the earth will no doubt reward and fulfill you.


Peace and Blessings

Kate Wilson is a green living writer who loves helping others live cleaner and happier lives. Follow her on twitter @kateowilson for more on organic gardening, mindfulness, and clean eating. Kate-Wilson

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