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Warning, You Don’t NEED It


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Warning, You Don't NEED It

Once I became successful, I began becoming defined by my things and accomplishments. I stopped having fun and became simply about more things.

When I didn’t have it, and all I wanted to do was act, be on film and TV, the journey was fun! I loved the journey.

Warning, you don’t need it.
You don’t got to you get to.
Please don’t do anything from need. Because there are people and situations that need things – we need a liver to survive, we need oxygen, we need fresh water.
Let us not attach our jobs to this need. As artist, let us not attach our creative expression to this need. We get to share it, we get to make it and create it. There is no gun to our heads. Creative expression is a gift and reward from the gods to be able to see and express beauty where others can not. Artist, once money is attached to that gift, the gift has become worthless.
If you go into any audition or job interview thinking you need it, not realizing all the things you actually have that you need, you are blind to what you’re really doing. You are creating and living on one plane – a financial plane, which in my eyes is so very sad. You have become a horse with blinders. You have become blind to the gift. The financial plane is the most narrow plane there is and your creativity, your artistry, your ability to be free will suffer greatly. I warn you- you do not need most of the things you think you need. Most things you need you have – be grateful for that. Everything else is an opportunity for more joy and more love – be grateful for that as well.

When you were a kid and you knew what you wanted to do, (9 out of 10 times, especially if it was art, money was not involved in the equation)

I want to do what I want to do because it’s fun. Because I love animals. Because it brings me joy. because ______
Remember the why… The why is what brought you this far and life turned that simple why into a complicated tangled mess of fears, worries and doubts.


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