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Trying My Best To Be A DUCK So That Nothing Sticks


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Trying My Best To Be A DUCK So That Nothing Sticks

Trying My Best To Be A DUCK So That Nothing Sticks.

A duck that lets it all just flow right off!

A wag of the back side and it done. All the know is right now. Constantly present. Constantly here.

If there is no past, no future, just present; than why do we insist on bringing our past with us. We walk into this gift of the present with giant u-hauls of ideas, preconceptions, attachments, and “memories” we are addicted to. Addicted to baggage that weighs us down, slows our ability to move forward and live.

2 steps forward one step back:

We are so attached to our past that we live in it, we are addicted to previous experiences explaining the details, providing evidence for how we got to this very moment, so much so that we are never here, NOW, we never arrive to where we really are. We are consistently thinking about how to catch the so-called “good” moments that our camera phones become an extension of us, they live for us, so that instead of describing the magical night you had with your words and imagery; you have pictures to prove what a magical night you had.

I know that when we fully allow ourselves to drop into our lives right now, experience each moment like it was our last moment, our last 8 minutes – if the sun burnt out you would have 8 minutes until you knew, that’s how long it would take for the light to fade away – what would you do!?

This is me telling you that you have 8 minutes. Live, allow others to keep records of how awesome your living is!

Hendrix wasn’t taking pictures of himself playing his guitar, he was too busy playing his guitar with his entire being to watch it from an outside eye, he was experiencing it, becoming it with every fiber of his soul.

As a society we take our meals for granted, we assume that they are not the last one, they could be… So we document our eating, we hope it looks good so we can photograph and share it, rather than smell, taste, have gratitude for it, enjoy the rich levels, subtleties and details in the flavor.

“He has no fear, because the social fears is in the future, and all person freed of the future has nothing to fear” – Milan Kundera

It’s either about getting there – which does not exist.

Or telling you about how we got here – which doesn’t exist.

Here exist. Right now. Be here. Be a duck where nothing sticks.

Peace and Blessings 

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  1. Eric Vasallo

    Excellent was just talking about this w friends . In this word of over sharing we are losing fast the ability to be in the moment…look up vipassana’s how Buddha got absence of stimuli or technology… maybe one day we can really know what he meant when he said “wherever I go there I am” Thx again for yet another inspired post.


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