There Is No Nothingness


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There is no such thing as nothingness There is no nothingness- Lucretius

There is no such thing as nothingness, we didn’t come from nothingness and we don’t go into nothingness.  

Everything we are, everything we touch and know came form something. There is and never was a nothingness. Nothing came from nothing. 

When we die, we don’t go into nothingness, we don’t leave, we make something else. Recycling is simply the thing we knew in our bones that was true of our own star dust made selves. We have been doing this earth and life thing over and over.

Being aware of this cycle of death and rebirth and transformation, adds a little gravitas to being a good ancestor not when we die, but now. Doing the work now, to go and grow and become something even closer to that clear state of peace read about in books and reserved for the sole few.

I think it’s out there and I want it. So, I live fully, and as compassionately as possible now, knowing that there is something definitely on the other side ready to spit me out again.


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