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We Should All Do The Ugly Dance


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We Should All Do The Ugly Dance.

Lets Do The Ugly Dance!!!

How UGLY can you get!? Cause I can get pretty UGLY.

I Challenge You to do the ugly dance everyday.

Have an impromptu solo dance party everyday.

I learned this in a rehearsal process of a play I was working on. When the cast was first asked ot take part, we were all a bit freaked out and shy. It was only when asked to be ugly that everybody wanted to show just how much rhythm they had and how smooth they were. After a couple of days, we were UGLIER than ever and LOVING IIT!

I challenge you and your friends and loved ones, bosses, piers, kids, elderly, and strangers to get UGLY. Really UGLY, not like half way ugly, not kind of ugly, REALLY UGLY!

Do all the wrong things. Dance off the beat. Ugly with your Face and Body. Straight UGLY. No two stepping, no smooth moves, no butterfly, just UGLY. All the things you once made fun of and said you would never do- nows the time – DO THEM!

Set aside 2, 5, 10 minutes and dance as UGLY as you can. Behind closed doors or in public. Just get UGLY.

Get a group together and call each other out if someone isn’t dancing UGLY enough.

Dance UGLY and just see what happens… You just might come to find out Ugly is quite often Beautiful.

A Little inspiration!


Peace and Blessings

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