The Secret To Life Is:


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The Secret To Life Is

Knowing that you can do and say something that no one else can. No one.

That’s a fact. Because you are you and no one will ever be you. No one has lived and seen what you have seen. This isn’t about worse or better – it’s about unique perspective and KNOWING that your unique perspective matters. That what you’ve lived through counts. That what you have to say is vital, important, and true.

Now, the biggest reason we forget this is because we have been trying to say the right thing, in the right way, we’ve been trying to do it right. We aren’t here to get it right, we’re here to do it our way, in the one way we can.

Anyone who is something you admire or appreciate knows this, they know they do it different and that different is good. That they aren’t here to mimic and duplicate; but to express what has yet to be expressed, because they weren’t here to express it yet.

That’s it. You can do and say what no one else can. Now do that. Like only your can. Be that. Like only you can. What are you waiting for?


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