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The Refusal To Accept


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Suffering: The refusal to accept.

That’s it, it’s that simple.

Now if we can say “Yes” , that, all is as it should be; even simpler – all is as it is.

All is the only possible Now. All is good. All is great. All is as it should BE. All that arrives in your lap is unexpected good, an unexpected tool to learn, to know more – of the world and of thyself. This is all there is; from this place, I have all the tools necessary to be more of life expressing itself through me.

Because “bad” is just a label. “Wrong”. “Unfortunate”. All these are just words that make us a victim to circumstances. We are not victims, we were not breathed life into, molded, planted here to be victims.

Sure, there are circumstances we don’t like, I don’t like a lot of things, but All is still the only possible current way of existing. All- is this moment. The Reality that NOW is it, trumps my narrow-minded, conditioned ways of thinking about circumstances, about details, about labels and allows me to live freely.

We have to Trust. That what we wanted was true. What we felt was right. What we feel is honest. We are quick to second guessing ourselves when we ask for change, when we embark on a journey within, when we demand greatness, because ascending to this powerful place already within will require some new ways of thinking, new ways of speaking, new ways of acting, new ways of breathing.

All this New, isn’t really new- its inherent, but the body which is conditioned to a way of living, acting, thinks change is weird, it will fight the change, but we must keep going, trust. Refuse to Not Accept that this is the way, the only way.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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