General - The Question Is Not, “What Are You Spending Your Money ON?”

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The Question Is Not, “What Are You Spending Your Money ON?”


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As much as- “What are you NOT spending money on”?

The $1,000 suit doesn’t hurt anyone – True.

The $1,000 donation for clean water and simple medicine for small illness such as diarrhea does help someone – True.

It’s all perspective. It’s all in simple everyday choices.

Should we not own nice things? No. We should. Should we give all our money away? No, we shouldn’t. We have to be reasonable. We have to play the game. If we’ve worked hard and want to celebrate, we should celebrate. but moderation and balance are essential to sustaining one self.

We should know what we give to others vs what we give to ourselves? We should know what system and world and story we are supporting and perpetuating.

It’s all awareness and perspective at the end of the day.

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