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The Practice Of Self Reflection


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The Practice Of Self Reflection

The practice of self reflection…  Moving from complaints to gratitude.

Reflection is vital for growth. So if reflection is a research project for you study your life. Seeing one self through the minds eye. Seeing one self through another’s eyes. It requires an honest and brutal truth.

In order for self reflection to work one must say,  “I must give up my story, I will give up my story! and begin to see what actually happened.”

3 Questions: (avoid generalities and give concrete details)

1. What have I received? … From all forms of energy, how did I benefit or service from fellow life energy. From an individual. From a group. What am I receiving from the world? Without emotional attachment of how you felt or feel about it

2. What have I given? …To the world, to an individual, to a group.

3. (Most important) What troubles and difficulties have I provoked?

A moment to give your palm to the world and see what everyone else see’s. Turning the mind upside down. An opportunity to see what is it like for others to deal with me. The perspective of others.

It’s painful to face how we heard others. And yet it is extremely important to our commitment to love and truth and honesty as practitioners of compassion. – Pema Chodron

Moving from complaints to gratitude.

“Everywhere you go, you are, you can find something to complain about.”

  • This is a fact of life.

Gratitude is a gift. We don’t have to, we can’t try and feel it, it’s not a physical thing, it must be allowed to enter.

It enters by clearing the path, clearing the path of problems and obstacles.

What am I receiving from the world? Get specific, the details, the little things.

Your experience of your life is not based on your life (because you don’t see it all) but what you pay attention to.

I look at my empty egg crates, my dirty dishes, my empty wine bottles, my empty right sacks and soiled salad bowls, an empty fridge. How I have lived so fully. I’m so grateful to fill the fridge again, to support the farmers, to give to those that gave to me so generously. I ate, I dance, bass, now (if I’m so lucky, because I don’t take anything for granted) I get to do it again.

Gratitude disappears in the shadow of entitlement. I am not entitled to anything.

Does the world owe me or do I owe the world?

  • Personally, the world owes me nothing because I have received so much more than I have ever given.
  • If I do an inventory every day, I receive more than I give.
  • I have a debt to the world.

No longer can my mornings be fueled by stress, worry, anxiety and drama.
No longer can my first thought not be of the beauty of now.
It is a fuel that is harmful to my gorgeous engine & to society.
I am poisoning the ozone layer, the love layer. Leaving trails of want and need, a smoke cloud of entitlement.
I will feel my mornings with the warmth of understanding
– That I have received more than I have given.
I am safe, all night I was safe.
My fingers and toes still wiggle.
My body is breathing, continued to breathe all night.
Sounds of the world bounce around the solid bones in my body.
This is called waking up.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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