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The Power Of Thinking


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The Power Of Thinking The power of thinking

Authentic and genuine thinking equals freedom.

God, may we get folks thinking. Maybe a vessel for contagious freedom placed in situations where I can open the doors of mental slavery.

We must change the language, no more nuances of we don’t care, I have no more effort. We must change the media, so that I may become a stream of truth, of good, of love, compassion, of all the good that happening all the time

We must show and tell and be a different tail, a different story, a story about life being good so good

About how everyone matters. You matter. How each individual has an ability, and all they have to do is surrender to the best of themselves.

That we have to give to give, no more giving to receive, that is an old paradigm, no more waiting until, no more I’ll be a philanthropist want some rich no we will be philanthropist now, we will give now.

Everyone is supposed to be here. Enlightenment is knowing is that there is a gift within them. Moving past the knowing of I am the light and transferring to you are the light, we are the light.

Moving beyond I am a being of infinite potential to your being of infinite potential to we are beings of infinite potential

We only get to keep it we let go of.

Next person you see, say “I know I got it, so now I serve you, praise you, love you, listen to you. Tag you’re it!

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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