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The Power Of A Food Journal


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The Power Of A Food Journal

The Power Of A Food Journal

“Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food” — Hippocrates

Studies show that simply recording your meals helps you lose more weight. It’s not about counting calories – it’s about becoming aware of your habits.

You eat better by learning more about yourself – simultaneously.

**Track your FLUID INTAKE: Including and especially WATER! 85% of the world is dehydrated and doesn’t even know it. Try and always drink at least 2 glasses of water before any meal. We often mistake hunger for thirst. Write down every glass or bottle of water you drink and the time, you’ll quickly notice how water effects energy levels and how you feel.

Be SPECIFIC: Just how large was tat serving of lasagna? Was it really just a bite of a cookie? Your palm is a great way to measure.

Be HONEST: There is no wrong and right way. What you are doing is creating an awareness, you’re not hiding anything, that alone is the most powerful thing to create change.

Try and leave one last bite on the plate. Try and put your fork down in between bites.

Appreciate the blessing in front of you. Before food was an art, before it was joyous and amazing, it was and is ENERGY! Energy for survival.

When we think of food as something nourishing, healing, a gift that repairs us; we begin to appreciate it more, it shines a little more, pops a little more, sweeter, spicier, and more joyous!


Peace and Blessings

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