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The Perfect Body


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The perfect body

In 1974 the Hungarian biologist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi proposed to replace “negentropy” with the positive term “syntropy”, so as to represent the “innate drive in living matter to perfect itself”. This has a correspondent on the psychological level, “a drive towards synthesis, towards growth, towards wholeness and self-perfection”.

The perfect body that is always doing good for you. Always.

This body temple we have, no matter how we see it, is always doing its best for our good. This is deeper than the mirror image one might see of themselves.

This is knowing that the human body is the most perfect machine, always trying to be at it’s best- “oh you sprained your ankle, no worries, I’ll just readjust weight to the left side so you can keep walking, we can’t stop now, we made it this far, keep going.”

That no matter what you give it, kale, gasoline, or potato chips –  it will do it’s best to say, “Yes, I will find what I need in this and I will make it work, I will keep our eyes seeing, our blood flowing, our heart pumping, our eras hearing, I will do my best”

That when you think it’s broken down on you, it’s actually fighting harder than ever to be its best for you. It’s intention is never anything less than perfect.

Your bodies intention is never anything less than perfect.

At your sickest, at your weakest it is striving for perfection.

The purpose of every living organism is to perfect itself.

It is always working for our good; to keep us as strong as can be, as alert, as attentive, as effective, and in flow. The human body is here for our good. How are we hurting or helping?

It knows that it is our vehicle, like your car, it will get you through the journey – how are we helping or hurting our vehicle?

Your bodies intention is never anything less than perfect. 

We need to support this system that supports us. You take care of your computer, you take care of your car, you take care of your shoes, you take care the person you love, take care of you, take care of your body the way it takes care of you.

Watch what happens when all that hard work isn’t geared towards cleaning itself, healing itself but strictly towards excelling itself to peak perfection

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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