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The Only Difference Between Some And Others Is:


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The Only Difference Between Some And Others Is:

The only difference between some and others is:

Some know / some don’t

Life is a contradiction / No, it’s not

Some (are) remember / Some have forgotten 

Asleep / Awake

Speaking / Listening

Alive / Dead

Judging / Not judging

Free / Trapped

Struggle / Surrender

Plugged in / Not plugged in

Fear / Peace

Just walking / On a mission

Some know that they know / Some don’t

Got to / GET to

Wonder / Wander

Another thing / The only thing

Unconditional / Conditional

Make a living / Make the world a better place

Shit just happens / shit happens for my unfolding, my remembering

Life is / life is love

Survive / Thrive

Accepting / Resisting

Flow / Obstructed

Yes / No

Opposites / Attract

Willing / Un-willing

Self love / looking for self love

Walls / Open

In mind / Out of mind (I prefer this one)

Words / Declarations 

Actions / Purpose

Things / Intentions

People / Gods

We have it or we don’t. We aren’t pure until we are REALLY pure. When will that come? No idea. But as long as i’m talking about it, I’m not there yet. When I can finally let it go, I’ll own it? What a trip. A snake sheds its skin at it’s own time, peel it and it dies… You feel me? 😉

What else you got? Help us make a nice long list. Have a beautiful day

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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