The Middle


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Anyone who has between phases of hair styles/lengths,  knows the middle is rough, awkward, not ideal place.

Its us leaving something we know to embark on something new. It’s scary, doubt creeps in, we contemplate “would it just be easier to turn back before I stray to far? Did I make a mistake? Maybe I don’t really want this? What if it doesn’t work?”

Hair is one example. Relationships come to mind – lovers, family, friends, associates. Work- new jobs, old jobs.  Education.

It helps to not categorize things as beginnings and endings, what once was, what will be. It all is just one thing- Now. It’s a constantly abundant pool of Right Now.

The middle is the journey. The lesson. What ever hero needs to conquer their quest. The wrapping paper, the box, all the opening to get to whats inside. The Gray is vast. There is more middle than anything else. Fair to say it’s all middle until it truly ends.

One Life, One book, Many Chapters.

We are constantly on our own heroes journey. All of this Right Now-ness is essential in our development, are we using it up? Loving every moment of it. Or are we waiting to arrive to the next phase, hoping that the middle passes us by – News Flash: You are in it and it isn’t going anywhere so start loving it like it’s all you have.

Trust, that the ending will come. We will one day arrive. We will one day find our end. That time is not now.

The Middle. The Now. Is all we have. Drink it up!

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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