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As actors and artists, we often feel like we’re going it alone. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our community is here to support and uplift us! If you’ve yet to experience that feeling, then this summit is for YOU.

I am so excited to let you know about The Happy Actor Online Retreat that my friend and colleague, Natalie Camunas, is hosting. This FREE online interview series features 20+ experts in creative fields, and I’m telling you: it’s the sacred medicine every artist needs.

I am among the 20+ experts she interviewed for this series, along with other working actors, coaches, musicians, writers and filmmakers. We have all confronted the same road-blocks – fear, doubt, jealousy, confusion about how the business works – and are excited to share how we have overcome these challenges and paved our own unique paths toward success and happiness.

The Happy Actor not only has insightful wisdom to help you ‘make it,’ but also helps you navigate the things that no one talks about in the industry.

Think of this online summit as a virtual retreat: a place for you to rejuvenate and get inspired!

Take the leap. Click here to reserve your spot for this FREE ONLINE SUMMIT:

The Happy Actor Online Retreat begins on Tuesday January 22, 2019 and runs until Tuesday February 5, 2019.

See you there?


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