The Bed Of Nails Theory


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The Bed Of Nails Theory

You may have heard that a high-heeled shoe exerts more pressure on the ground than the foot of an elephant. This is the same principle that allows people to lie on a bed of nails without breaking their skin.

The bed of nails theory, one nail and the skin is punctured. A whole bed of them, not one of them sticks out enough to puncture the skin.

Like lies. Like deception. Like betrayal. I want to think about good qualities too, but I would love a bed of love and kindness and compassion, I would have no problem with getting swallowed up in that bed of nails. That’s the thing, we’ve been swallowed up, the system is a whole bunch of nails/lies and betrayals and we have accepted them as so, because our skin hasn’t been punctured – yet!

But more and more, more skins are being punctured, more nails are starting to protrude themselves and we are getting hurt, intern waking up! Let’s wake up. Let’s get off this damn bed of nails and move the fuck on!

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