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The Barrel Roll of Consciousness


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The Barrel Roll of Consciousness: Our body is not a THING, our breath is not a THING, our mind and heart are not THINGS, either, although we habitually think of things – reify, thing-afy, conceptualize solid fixed objects — where living, flowing processes are happening. Our minds conceive of things this way out of our human longing for security, control and certainty.

Yet, even enlightenment is not the coolest THING! What is it?

Enlightenment is called a revolution in consciousness – a full tilt barrel roll, 360 degrees! When our hearts turn toward awakening, we will inevitably circle around to where we started, back to zero. Only now there’s complete openness to life, without the filter of ego that immediately converts a living experience into a THING to possess. In such an expanded moment of pure nowness, there’s no presence of ego-self, just a sense of wonder, peace and presence. Alive, alert questioning: What is this? What am I?

Once we’ve tasted the freedom of awakening to this presence, we’ve walked on a big, joyful new planet — even if we’ve just taken a step or two. And sure, we contract into being stressed or stuck on our old one once again. But it’s not the same.

It’s not hard to make the Google home page do a barrel roll (For serious – do it!), all we have to do is type in those words “do a barrel roll” (using Chrome or Firefox, not Safari). But it usually takes sustained caring, times of whole-hearted focus — and the company of teacher, teachings and friends on the path — to effect a barrel roll of consciousness! So we keep practicing mindfulness — open-hearted courageous awareness — moment by moment, day by day. Filled with wonder and questioning, longing to be fully HERE for our life, this new way of seeing and being deepens… infinitely.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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