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The 4 Forces of Being


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The 4 Forces of Being

The 4 Forces of Being

Practice + Love + Creativity + Action = Being

I think if we want to really succeed in this, we first have to have a regular discipline or practice that we’ve made our own. We have to get in touch with that deep consciousness inside us through meditative practice. We also have to start to pay attention to the fact that love is a very powerful force, and the more we create the energy of love in our environment, as we are delving deeper into our own consciousness, the more we can harness and combine the two forces of being and love. Then the third element is creativity, and the fourth is action.

Being (Daily habits, Daily practice), feeling (Love), creativity, and doing (action) are the four expressions of our consciousness. And we now have the ability to harness these collectively, an ability we’ve never had before. Our collective being, our collective love, our collective creativity, and our collective action can solve not only any problem that exists in the world, but they can take us to a new plane of consciousness where we can literally begin to manifest what people will call heaven on earth; It has been forgotten that the kingdom of heaven is on EARTH – it’s not something we need to get to, we have arrived, if we make it so…

It is up to us now. As has been said before, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, so let’s not wait any longer. Let’s act.

The naysayers are only part of the dying paradigm, which isn’t going to last much longer anyway, so we shouldn’t pay any attention to them. I say stay immune to criticism, be responsive to feedback, and then just make the move and actually hang out with the right people. There are three important Sanskrit words: simran, remember who you are; satsang, hang out with the right people; and seva, let’s start doing things without selfish motivation.


A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. ~Hugh Downs


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