Mindfulness & Spirituality - The 2016 10 Commandments Are Different

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The 2016 10 Commandments Are Different


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The 2016 10 Commandments

The 2016 10 Commandments are different. They have to be.

Moses comes back, and I don’t think he will give the same 10 Commandments, he CAN’T. Impossible, after 3000 years how can you give the same Commandments? Scripture changes as life changes. We will have to invent something new. My belief is this, whenever commitments are given, they are already out of date.

Life is ever flowing, it is not fixed, the way of the heart is ever changing.

Life is alive, it is spontaneity, it is openness, it is vulnerability, it is impartiality, it is the courage to function without conclusions- we are under the assumption that conclusions protect us, we do not need to protection…

Courage is knowing you DON’T know what will come next; and having the Faith to go anyway.

This is living. Not knowing…

This and all moments after this are flowing. We are to flow with life, into life.

Not grasp it. Non-possessiveness  keeping the desire for possessions to what is necessary or important, depending on one’s life stage and context.

No single point of view is completely the truth. Non-absolutism – multiplicity of viewpoints, the notion that truth and reality are perceived differently from diverse points of view.

The ultimate goal is freedom.

The way to it is simple – Non-violence

Truth. The vow is to always speak the truth. The Vow is to offer food to the ascetic and needy people. The vow is to meditate and concentrate periodically. The vow is too limit consumable and non-consumable things.

The Prayer is simple – We do not pray for any favors, material goods or rewards. We say thank you.

Imagine your power if you were living your true identity ~ the identity of your Authentic Self ~ this is the Sacred Law … imagine a world where everyone were living from the power of their true self, nothing would be impossible when creating from this much higher vibration.  This is the power.

Here. Now.

I am exactly in the right moment at the right time.

I will pay attention to my thoughts, and slowly leave the mind…

  • The messages are clearer now than they have ever been.

Everyone is my guru. Everything is entangled.

Magic is here. Magic is happening. I have this unbelievable magic wand that will give me everything I desire.

I have no concept of time as a linear entity and know in my heart that time is literally the existence of the past, present and future in a single moment.

I live for now.

This is our mission-

Tell the world about creation and magic and the good all around us, that evil is fear and fear is more than possible to defeat. Walk our walk. Walk our talk. Speak our truth.

To truly create a new age of love, peace and harmony it is of high importance for us to be able to transcend our particular cultural limitations and to hold in our hearts and souls what we share as spiritual beings in human form.

We are all connected, infinitely and composed of the same ‘stuff’. We need to realize that hurting others only hurts ourselves. We are the birds which represents this transcendence.

We proudly spread our feathers across the sky.

We are the womb out of which the new comes into existence.

I expect, I accept continual change and spiritual awakenings.

Creative potential is the great gift.  I call upon all who came before to tap into the infinite sea of creativity that flows in and through all things.  I Call upon them to seek messages, signs and confirmations from the Universe.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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