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Tap Into Your Phone for a Bit of Mindfulness Today


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Tap Into Your Phone for a Bit of Mindfulness Today

In our Western society, it is normal to feel a steady level of stress throughout your day. Our lives are busy and fast paced, but it is important to find some stillness in all the hustle and bustle. To keep both your body and mind healthy, it is necessary to take a deep breath and remove yourself from the situations that cause you stress and anxiety.

Looking at your smartphone to help relieve stress is probably not the first thought that comes to mind. We tend to shy away from technology when looking for a reprieve from the commotion of everyday life. However, there are many new apps and devices that are actually encouraging people to pick up their phones and use them to help guide them back to a place of contentment and happiness. Here are a few to explore.


Spire is a newly designed tool that tracks your breathing in an effort to catch you in moments of stress and anxiety. The app, which is compatible with devices like the Apple iPhone 7 smartphone, offers ways to help bring you back down to a manageable operating level of well being. It is a 1.7-inch long device that clips onto your waist belt or to the center chest piece of a woman’s bra to monitor your rate of breathing. When your breathing becomes tense, erratic or fast paced, the app sends and alert and offers options of breathing exercises or meditations to bring your breathing back to normal. The device has many other useful features, such as tracking your active and sedentary minutes, amount of steps taken and the amount of calories that you burn throughout the day. The device is equipped with wireless charging and a seven-day battery life. No reason to raise your heart rate if it ends up in the laundry because it is also washer proof. A small piece of technology that helps you achieve staying in tune with your breath and staying mindful of your anxiety levels.

Yoga on the Go

Yoga has been used as a method of staying present for generations. With our busy lives, it is not always easy to attend an hour-long yoga class whenever we are in need of a moment of clarity. There are a number of apps available that offer everything from a few simple stretches that you can do at your desk to a full hour-long class that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The Pocket Yoga app, for example, is a great option for yogis of all levels, as it has sequences for beginners to experts, and breathing exercises and meditations to accommodate whatever you feel will help bring you back to the present moment. For those just starting a yoga practice, there is also a pose dictionary within the app that will help you better understand how to get the most out of your postures. Breathe in the positive with these technological tools and breathe out the anxiety as you tap into your phone for a bit of mindfulness throughout your day.

The Muse Headband

With the connection of Bluetooth, you can connect to one of the newest pieces of meditation technology. The Muse headband is a tool that reads your brain waves and creates meditation sounds that match your brain’s activity. The device is lightweight and fits around your head like a pair of glasses. When your brain is in a resting and calm state you will hear gentle breezes; when your brain begins to race, the breeze will get stronger. The idea behind the device is to allow you to practice bringing your brain back to a calmer state by being aware of the ebb and flow of thought. This little piece of technology also allows you to track your progress and set goals for yourself with an app on your smartphone. Nothing like staying connected to technology to bring you back to the present.

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