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Why We Must Take Massive Action


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Why We Must Take Massive Action

The best advice I can give is not mine but the worlds, it universal law, and I heard it most recently from the fabulous Tony Robbins, it’s exactly what he’s been shouting from the rooftops for the last thirty years:

First and foremost, Take Massive Action!

What that means is this: figure out the different ways you want to change your life, and then get down to business. That requires you to set clear and coherent goals, and most importantly, to create strategies for meeting those goals.

Start NOW, today, this minute.

Don’t wait a second longer. Don’t let old habit patterns continue to get in your way and bog you down. Come up with a clear plan for how you want to change your life—physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Think about your career, your relationships, your hobbies—what would you like to be different?

The most important thing is taking massive action to change your life into the life of your dreams . . . today.


In order to be happy, I believe it’s essential that we are progressing in the most important areas of our lives. Whether it is our intimate relationships, our work, our finances, our physical health and wellbeing, and also our spirituality. To be happy we need to know without any doubt that we are developing, we’re moving, we’re growing.

Once again, that’s what gives us the deepest and most satisfying connection with life—much more than getting what we think we want, whether it’s a new relationship, a new car, or a promotion.

Also, people who know that they’re developing in the most important ways almost always experience a deep sense of gratitude. They know what it takes to grow and don’t take it for granted. And finally, gratitude inspires us to help others, to serve others, in the same way that others have helped us. So I believe that “good” people are happy people and happy people are grateful people.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

Peace and Blessings

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