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I love to swoon. I don’t deny it. How easily I fall into it, can it be any better than letting oneself swoon, to absolutely dive into everything, its devotional, its cathartic, it’s bliss, it’s yes, it’s I smile when I see you, it’s rapture, it’s you bring me joy. Let the day be the day; I swooned for you, I swooned with you, your face made me smile, the earth made me smile, I woke up smiling, work makes me smile, play is everywhere, love is everywhere, the earth, that smell, this world, so much beauty, your a trip, I will take, if only for a day, I will take big deep breaths of life with you, head held high, brimming, if only for a day.

Swoon with us.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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I'm Christopher Rivas and I'm the founder of LifestyleDezine. I'm an artist, actor, championship storyteller, and I have a real cute kitty named Chance.

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