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Suffering Brought You Here


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Suffering Brought You Here

Suffering brought you here – which is cool- which is common. Most of us come to know and learn the ways to suffer less (and possibly not suffer at all) because we are over our current suffering.

Eventually we come to that place where the pain of change is far less than the pain of remaining the same.

I present to you an alternative view. A call to action per say, an adventure:

A place where meditation and knowing thyself is a way to unlock powers you can’t even begin to fathom. I’m talking x-men type powers, marvel, avengers, super-powers! Powers you have to unlock to believe. And the relief of suffering is simply a small byproduct of these super powers you have now acquired.

I believe that this super powered mind is the default frame of mind. How do I know this? Because we aren’t adding anything on, we are mainly subtracting and returning to that first whole and perfect mind that begins all things.

With less stuff, less stories, less mental junk comes a deeper understanding of reality as not something to be escaped but rather something to be embraced with full awareness.

It takes courage to stop escaping and start embracing. It is far easier to run. I challenge you to do what is hard to do. Break through the complacency of a comfortable life, test yourself and see how far you might evolve in your understanding.

I pray we stop escaping pain and we start doing the most courageous and noble thing to do- being happy.

  • – Christopher Rivas

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Christopher Rivas

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