Mindfulness & Spirituality - Ask A Hundred People What Success Is, You’ll Get A Hundred DIfferent Answers. So, We Did It For You

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Ask A Hundred People What Success Is, You’ll Get A Hundred DIfferent Answers. So, We Did It For You


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This is a guest post form the very wise Kimberly Gan at SelfDevelopmentSecrets.com … Full Article Here.

Best Ways To Learn

One thing’s for sure; learning is one of the most important things. Everyone has learned and experienced something in life, and you can get all that knowledge without actually going through them. With access to the internet, there’s no shortage of knowledge and no excuse not to learn in today’s world. The only thing that’s probably more important than learning is doing. From our survey, books (24%) are the most common way of learning. Followed by blogs (17%), online courses  (13%), podcasts(13%), then social media(9%) and seminars (9%). This is quite a subjective thing, and in our opinion, they all have strengths and weaknesses. The best way to go about this is to learn from all mediums at different pace and level, keeping in mind that things like podcasts and audiobooks can be done while doing other things, seminars can immerse you in the topic and books can be done during your free time. Pick a few, if not all of these learning mediums, and you will be well on your way to being better you.

Time Spent Learning

Every successful person needs to spend time learning. If you’re not learning, there’s a high chance you’re making a lot of mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Not that mistakes are wrong, but some are easily avoidable. As you can see from the chart, most spend 3-5 hours a week learning something new. We said before that learning is essential but doing is just as important, if not, more important than education, so you don’t want to spend all your time just learning. Anywhere from 3-10 hours a week is a good guideline to follow.

If you’re not learning, there’s a high chance you’re making a lot of mistakes you shouldn’t be making.

Approaching New Projects

It could be any project. A business project, being healthier, trying to build a better relationship, it’s all the same approach. The most common method is to learn and apply. This is followed by making mistakes. Together, it will be a killer strategy to achieve anything. Other ways include finding a mentor, plan, and research, among others. The reason ‘learn and apply’ and ‘make mistakes’ are high up in votes is because those two are about taking action. Not waiting, researching, pondering and not doing anything. Without effort, there are no results. So make sure you take action and start making mistakes!


An obvious one. Our survey shows that 97% set goals and 3% don’t. So if you want your success rate to drop by nearly 97%, don’t set goals! The reason goals are so important, is because it gives us a target to head towards. I can’t just ‘be healthier.’ It needs to be a goal like I want to lose 20lbs and look like him (it has to be more specific, but that’s just an example). We won’t go into too much detail about goals but just know that this is a landslide and the chances of someone being successful without setting goals, well, is slim. Achievable but would you take that risk?

How Often To Review Goals?

Setting goals are just the beginning. Reviewing them regularly can be the difference between a goal and a wish. A good figure would be anywhere from once a day to once a month. As long as you review your goals regularly, it will help push your mindset towards achieving it. Reviewing more than once a day could be an excellent strategy as well. Not many do it because it has to be a habit and can take a bit of time but if you can, it’s worth a shot. In the end, reviewing just brings you closer to achieving your primary goals.

Most Important Traits

This is a big one and probably the most interesting. The most important trait we all need to succeed as voted is perseverance. It’s true that you never lose until you give up and this is why perseverance is the most important. This trait is followed by commitment, hard work, focus and a bit further down, motivation. All these put together is a recipe for achieving anything! And that is no exaggeration. One thing I’d like to highlight here is luck. Luck is quite far at the bottom, but it’s still considered a factor. I won’t say that you need some luck to succeed, but luck does help if it comes your way. Still, a lucky person won’t achieve much without all the other traits ranked higher up.


Do you hate failing? From our stats, most successful people failed at least five times. This is significant failures we’re talking about. But they make it in the end because they never gave up. 6% have never failed. Chances are, they haven’t failed yet, and they will be defined by how they deal with it. The main lesson here is, don’t be afraid to fail. The more you fail, the higher your chances to succeed. I’m not saying go blindly and make sure you fail, but do your due diligence, make sure you know what you’re doing, and do what you need to do. The important thing is to do. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you into not taking action.

The rest of the article can be found here!


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