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This Stuff is Messy, but so is Life


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Life is messy, the dirt

This is a guest post from the brilliant Shannon Drake, the creator behind two of my new favorite products. A lip balm and a toothpaste that just make the day better.

I’ve always had beautifully straight teeth, dentists would comment on them, the photographer at the DMV noted their glimmer… but my teeth had a secret, they were horribly prone to cavities. By the age of 18 nearly all of my molars were filled. It wasn’t due to poor diet; I ate quite well, I brushed and flossed regularly. Yet I was getting fillings on a regular basis! Dentist after dentist told me “your teeth have deep pits, they will get cavities no matter what” As a long time student of evolution and anthropology I always thought that the “deep pit” theory made no sense, why would my ancestors evolve to have crappy shaped teeth and why did my grandmother live the first half of her life cavity free but I didn’t?

I started to research what actually causes cavities and many tribal cultures who don’t have dentists or toothbrushes have perfectly white teeth…

After learning about the paleo diet I started finding that many things we consider “normal” about or daily lives simply aren’t. For example, many people think it’s normal to feel uncomfortably full after eating, or that everyone suffers from some sort of digestion issues, NOT TRUE… but of all the secrets I uncovered the most astounding to me was that glycerin, the main ingredient in basically ALL liquid toothpastes (even the natural ones) is horrible for your teeth!

Glycerin makes your toothpaste nice and creamy but it also coats your teeth like plastic wrap. This coating prevents your saliva from naturally repairing your enamel by delivering calcium and phosphorous to your teeth surface. Creating an effective glycerin free toothpaste alterative became my goal. I launched ‘The Dirt’ paleo personal care line and the toothpowder became our biggest seller. It features the best completely natural ingredients that are as close to unprocessed as possible. The ingredients are formulated to work with your teeth instead of against them, all while tasting great with zero sweeteners, corn or soy products.

‘The Dirt’ is my dream company and I’m so excited by the amazing feedback I receive every day. In addition to the toothpowder I used the same principles and passion to create the worlds best lip balm and more products are on the way! I’ve taken my passion for natural products and built a business that is helping me get one step closer to my perfect life everyday.

The dirt_ dirty balm toothpowder_ boxshot_web the dirt_ dirty balm_ product shot_web the dirt_ toothpowder_ product shot_web

A guest post from the fabulous Shannon Drake. So grateful to have discovered 'The Dirt' - a serious game changer. The lip balm is the best I have ever tried, hand down & The toothpaste is phenomenal, I can never go back now; it is truly a clean feeling. Head over to GiveMeTheDirt and order your DIRT now.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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4 Responses to “This Stuff is Messy, but so is Life”

  1. Martha Rivas

    I love learning about different way’s to improve my health and my over all knowledge, thank you!
    Can’t wait to try it myself, I’ve sent this article out to my friends and colleagues to share.
    Many continued blessings and much gratitude 🙂

  2. Lauren Sepulveda

    After being told for years that I have a healthy set of teeth, and then going to the dentist a few months back to be told that I have seven cavities, I was devastated. All I could think was what more do I have to do? I use fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and stay away from sugars.

    I am psyched to buy and start this product and gain back my healthy, strong pearly whites.

  3. Sally Hope

    HELLS YEAH. I love this story and I love this product. I was super skeptical to try it at first (I love minty freshness when it comes to my teeth) but realized that using this tooth powder felt for my teeth, how yoga feels for my body. Good. Pure. And like I’m setting myself up for success.

    LOVE hearing the story behind it. THE DIRT ROCKS!!

  4. JessicaCartwright

    Yay! I almost went to buy new toothpaste yesterday but then I remembered the Dirt. Really really looking forward to getting my hands on some and having an alternative to crappy toxin loaded pastes! And not just an alternative, but something that totally blows them out of the water! Also, my teeth are prone to cavities and I’ve always been a bit ashamed by it.. like ‘what am I doing wrong?’ So hearing your story just made me feel a zillion times better and even more STOKED to try the Dirt, like, right now.


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